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Bobux Boys Sandals Driftwood I-WALK

Bobux Boys Sandals Driftwood I-WALK

From £45.99

Soft slate grey leather open toe sandals.

Soft slate grey leather sandals with open toe and full back. Easy fit with adjustable velcro across both the toe and the ankle. This style suits slim, average or wide feet. A padded heel provides an extra element of comfort.
Sizes 22-26.



Established in 1991 by husband and wife team Chris and Coleen Bennet, Bobux is an innovative kids shoe brand from New Zealand .Over the past couple of decades Bobux has carried the initial sentiment of natural foot development in children through all their designs. All Bobux shoes are built on lasts that replicate the changing stages of children"s feet. This provides a comfortable fit for kids that allows their feet the freedom to grow and develop as nature intended. Bold colours and striking designs from U.S. designer Sean Maisano are the hallmarks of this range and the products speaks for itself.


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